Willows Galley Dine In

The Sunbather Cheeseburger: 6oz AAA Alberta Ground Beef Burger

Talk about layering a standard cheeseburger in a way that arrives at perfection! So what exactly makes this standard cheeseburger which owner Dave describes as “made simple”—and many other local restaurateurs call one of the best burgers on Vancouver Island—so spectacular? Start with the AAA Alberta ground beef seasoned simply with salt and pepper. Grill and char the patty and finish it by topping with ketchup, mustard, relish, plus swiss and cheddar allowing the condiments to warm and the cheese to melt. Yum! Don’t forget the toasted bun! Then build: bottom bun, mayo, pickles, beef patty with warmed condiments and cheeses, lettuce, onions, mayo and top bun. Add a side of coleslaw or fries. The classic coleslaw holds a balanced acidity and mild creamy taste with hints of dill and the chips just how they should be: made with BC Kennebec potatoes, a medium crunch and melt-in-your-mouth potato goodness from each bite.

Willows Galley Fish & Chips complies with best environmental practices: all our takeout packaging is compostable!